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in San Diego

The Best Carnitas Express

Our Carnitas Express Food Truck delivers Fresh Mexican dishes to San Diego.

The most authentic Carnitas in San Diego. Freshly made and enriched with Michoacán history, we trace our recipes back to the heart of Mexico to deliver only the best food and service.
Instead of wondering what real authentic and fresh carnitas taste like, try it yourself! We get up at 6am every morning to deliver only the best Mexican food in San Diego
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Quesabirria in Lemon Grove
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This is Carnitas Express

Located in Lemon Grove, California | A Local San Diego Business 

El Camión

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The Carnitas

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Carnitas Express: How We Make Authentic Mexican Carnitas

The Best Carnitas in San Diego | Carnitas Express | Authentic flavors from the Michoacan

Our Carnitas Mission

When we started our food truck, we knew that it wouldn’t be worth it unless we committed to our one mission. Serve the freshest carnitas and Mexican food in San Diego. So when customers looking for amazing food would search for the “best carnitas in San Diego” or the “best birria in San Diego” or even the “best tacos in San Diego,” they can look at our Carnitas Express Truck and know that they’ll receive that consistent fresh flavor every single time. 

We think it’s absolutely awesome when our Mexican food delivers an amazing response and incredible testimonials. We absolutely love our fans and feature their kind words here. We wouldn’t be here without them!  

Excellent food. Husbands favorite were the carnitas my favorite was buche. Definitely recommend!
Birria out of this earth. Consomme somewhere on Mars. Came back to SD after over a year and this truck blew my puny little brain away. Do not sleep on this bad boy!
Great food! Would come and buy again. My friends and family loved it. The birria and consome were delicious. Everything tasted just right!
Their Quesabirria was absolutely amazing! The sauce that came with it is a perfect level of spiciness and the Quesabirria was excellent. They did not skimp out on beef at all. Jose the chef is a 10/10. The proportion size filled me up and for this price range, I’m seriously surprised by the great quality. Probably one of the best Mexican food spots I’ve ever eaten at.
Best quesabirria I’ve ever had! A must!
The Carnitas are DEFINITELY the best item on the menu. I got my family two pounds for dinner and we were all beyond impressed! It came with tortillas, chopped onions, salsas, rice, and refried beans. Apparently they make the carnitas fresh everyday and you can taste the difference! I would definitely recommend!
Food Is Great. Everything is so Good and Delicious 😘, Customer Service Excellent!!

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